How it all started

After graduating Law School, I decided to travel the world while juggling, but I missed the intellectual challenges. 

So I came back, but I couldn’t find a job in my profession, like so many other people of my own age.

To pay the bills, I landed a call center job, which was my biggest motivation to learn about how to make money online, because it was a terrible job.

After two years I became financially independent and quit that terrible call center job.

In the meantime, I had the privilege to interview famous entrepreneurs:

  • Tim Ferriss
  • Luis von Ahn
  • Gary Vaynerchuk

Inspired by their stories…

I decided to join a startup (E-democracy) to learn from the rollercoaster ride. Of surviving and building your own business.

From a minimal viable product to market leader in two years, Amazing.

But, I also wanted to help more people to succeed in building successful businesses, so I became the manager of my local Coworking Space.

During this time I discovered that there are so many people passionately working on great ideas, but sometimes find it hard to grow and scale their business online. 

That’s why I started business coaching in 2016 at Venturelab North, which is a business accelerator for startups and existing companies in the Northern-Netherlands.

What people say?

Matthijs has been leading our marketing efforts at our company for the past year. He managed to build out our brand and web presence. Matthijs is very enthusiastic and has a great feel for developing a story.
Stef van Grieken
Co-founder & CEO Cradle
Matthijs has really contributed to the Launch Café’s growth. Because of his strong personal drive and commercial attitude, we’ve been able to grow by 20% in a short time.
Koen Atema
Founder Launch Cafe